Custom Jacket Consultation

This is a listing for a custom jacket consultation. 

Once I have recieved your request for a consultation I will email you back to get it started, so please make sure that the email you have entered is a good one for communication.

The price list provided is a starting point for most of the things I can do with a custom jacket. As things get more intricate or detailed, the price might go up to accomodate that. For example, the price listed for the crystal epaulettes is for clear quartz. If there is another stone that you think would look cool spiked on your shoulder, I can do that! But we have to look at what the new stone will cost and adjust the price accordingly.

I have also added a few examples of the custom jacket details. I can provide more examples if necessary. 

I also have available patch designs if you choose to go that way. I can absolutely make a patch of your own design, or design something specifically for you, but that will change the price of the patch. You may have also noticed: you can provide your own patches, I just charge for the sewing.

I also have an inventory of jackets that can be used as a base. You can choose from my inventory or you can provide your own jacket for me to customize. If you choose to look at the jackets I have available, I will send you a link to them so just let me know. I have several denim jackets, some leather jackets, even an incredible cloak available right now.